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LED Chip Resistor


Packing£ºTape on reel
Tolerance£º¡À1%, ¡À5%
Resistance Value Range£º1 OHM - 100 MEG OHM

HKR products comply with environmental requirement in accordance with SONY of code no. SS-00259 for not related in 8 harmful materials.

¡¤ Small size and ligtweight with size range per int'l standard

¡¤ Highly stable in auto-placement surface mounting application

¡¤ Compatible with both wave soldering and reflow soldering

Power Derating Curve
LED Series

The working voltage is calculated based on the resistance value following the formula of V=¡Ì(P*R) or to its maximum extent as indicated above.
The overload voltage is calculated based on the resistance value following the formula of V=2.5¡Ì(P*R) or to i maximum extent as indicated above.
Soldering Temperature Curve
Specification And Test Methods

1.1 No markings on 0201 and 0402. Markings on the other sizes are expressed by a 3-digit code in its exact value
    E. G. £º 6R8=6.8£»100=10¡Á10 0=10£»472=47¡Á102=4700=4.7K
1.2.+/-1% Resistance value markings
    a. Markings on sizes 0805, 1206 and above are expressed by a 4-digit code.
    E. G. £º82R5=82.5£»1000=100¡Á10 0=100£»2212=221¡Á102=22100=22.1K¡£
    b. Markings on 0603 ¡À1%( IEC E¨C96 Series ) are expressed by a 3-digit code; the first two digits represent the value code and the last capital letter represents the multiplier.
The coding system of the E-96 series is as follows :

Multiplier code£º

E. G. £º01Y=100¡Á 10 -2=1£»68A=499¡Á100=499£»02D=102¡Á103=102K
c. Any resistance values of 1% tolerance but not included in the E-96 series, the value markings are the same as +/-5% tolerance with labelling identification.
d. Marking of the 0 Ohm resistor is a '0' with its value range from 0-50m?. No tolerance shown on the product label.
Tape And Reel Package
Outer Packaging

            the first package£º1~10 reels               the second package£º66 reels Max
¡¤ When quantity shall not reach the max, the remaining empty space shall be buried with buffer material.
¡¤ When the quantity is a few, altemative packing methods may be used. It is important to ensure the safety of the products during transportation.

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